Where did Money Pit come from?

Posted by Trent Bray on

Money Pit BMW

     I LOVE project cars, I am infatuated with cars and modifying cars. Turns out though, I suck at working on cars. I've had one project on jack stands for 5 years now. Well, I took it off jack stands recently so I could replace the garage motor and adding some lighting and outlets to the garage so I could work on cars easier. Guess how that turned out, I still haven't accomplished anything.

So, I have two project cars that do nothing, a daily driver truck that is solid, and a ticking time bomb of an 05 Porsche Cayenne S that is known for being unreliable. I bought it as a back up daily for one, but I love these cars and they are cheap to buy. That's for a good reason, but so far it's been pretty solid for me.

So now that I am in too deep and feeling the pain of too many projects, not enough time...or mechanical knowledge. But I will be subjecting myself to misery for your entertainment and the hopes to fund some of my project cars.


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